The Society of Trojan Women (STW) is a group of alumnae who support and connect with each other, the university, and the Trojan Family. STW women are career-minded and ambitious, leading busy work and family lives. Essentially, we represent the quintessential modern Trojan woman.

STW recognizes that today's Trojan woman has many competing obligations and priorities, resulting in a delicate balance between our careers and our personal goals. As such, STW aims to support the ambitions of forward-thinking Trojan women by providing engaging programming on professional topics such as leadership, personal branding, and networking, and personal topics such as finance, wellness, and work-life balance. Additionally, STW facilitates connections and friendships between Trojan women by creating a culture in which we encourage, cheer, and offer advice to each other as we set out to make our dreams our realities.

If you are interested in growing personally and professionally and connecting with other Trojan women, we invite you to become a part of the STW community.


By participating in STW, you will be supported:
Through signature events that focus on career and leadership
At monthly events aimed to bring like-minded Trojan women together to support and encourage each other;
With workshops on various topics to assist in managing a work/life balance and healthy, sane living; and
To give back to the USC community through the Day of SCervice and scholarship offers to current students.

By participating in STW, you will be connected:
To USC resources for professional and personal development;
To a community of ambitious and courageous Trojan women; and
To other patrons in your area with similar interests, if you become an STW patron.

These connections are cultivated through social events, including happy hours, and other activities, such as art/wine events, yoga session, or wine tasting workshop.


The Supporter Circles help to influence the lives of present and future Trojan women by ensuring that STW is able to offer worthwhile programming and social gatherings that support and connect Trojan women lifelong and worldwide. The Supporter Circle levels provide value to Trojan women who want to attend multiple STW events and the USC Women's Conference.

Any additional donations help support the mission of STW by raising funds for scholarship awards that make a difference in current students' lives.

Become a part of the Society of Trojan Women Supporter Circles: http://alumni.usc.edu/stw

Mission: The Society of Trojan Women represents a forward-thinking community of USC alumnae committed to personal and professional growth, friendship and supporting our alma mater.